Ask questionsFlaky test: TestCreateServiceConfigFileMode

Found the following failure in #36904 CI on experimental (logs here):

16:12:35 === RUN   TestCreateServiceConfigFileMode
16:12:47 --- FAIL: TestCreateServiceConfigFileMode (12.36s)
16:12:47 	daemon.go:269: [d7e8cb005d1a9] waiting for daemon to start
16:12:47 	daemon.go:301: [d7e8cb005d1a9] daemon started
16:12:47 	create_test.go:295: timeout hit after 10s: task count at 1 waiting for 0
16:12:47 	daemon.go:259: [d7e8cb005d1a9] exiting daemon

docker.log of d7e8cb005d1a9 from bundle tarball contains:

time="2018-04-19T23:12:37.090412365Z" level=debug msg="Calling GET /v1.37/containers/866120b849148695a2956e9ffb55f923e6376f25ab6dcb7114aa2831255bc3c6/logs?stdout=1&tail="
time="2018-04-19T23:12:37.128432602Z" level=debug msg="Releasing addresses for endpoint TestService.1.zgtljen8azfohbdnwm8qpqahh's interface on network bridge"
time="2018-04-19T23:12:37.128460528Z" level=debug msg="ReleaseAddress(LocalDefault/,"
time="2018-04-19T23:12:37.128486165Z" level=debug msg="Received set for ordinal 2, start 0, end 0, any false, release true, serial:false curr:3 \n"
time="2018-04-19T23:12:37.160744448Z" level=debug msg="Trying to unmount /go/src/"
time="2018-04-19T23:12:37.174737301Z" level=debug msg="Unmounted /go/src/"
time="2018-04-19T23:12:37.184368653Z" level=debug msg="state changed" module=node/agent/taskmanager state.desired=RUNNING state.transition="RUNNING->COMPLETE"
time="2018-04-19T23:12:37.184464163Z" level=debug msg="begin logs" container=866120b849148695a2956e9ffb55f923e6376f25ab6dcb7114aa2831255bc3c6 method="(*Daemon).ContainerLogs" module=daemon
time="2018-04-19T23:12:37.186314705Z" level=debug msg="(*Agent).UpdateTaskStatus" module=node/agent
time="2018-04-19T23:12:37.186467464Z" level=debug msg="end logs" container=866120b849148695a2956e9ffb55f923e6376f25ab6dcb7114aa2831255bc3c6 method="(*Daemon).ContainerLogs" module=daemon
time="2018-04-19T23:12:37.187295395Z" level=debug msg="Calling DELETE /v1.37/services/v1i2scguhk0co5hosru9siiw1"
time="2018-04-19T23:12:37.187678492Z" level=debug msg="task status reported" module=node/agent
time="2018-04-19T23:12:37.187700100Z" level=debug msg="(*Agent).UpdateTaskStatus" module=node/agent
time="2018-04-19T23:12:37.188015540Z" level=debug msg="task status reported" module=node/agent
time="2018-04-19T23:12:37.190461033Z" level=debug msg="dispatcher committed status update to store" method="(*Dispatcher).processUpdates" module=dispatcher state.transition="RUNNING->COMPLETE"
time="2018-04-19T23:12:37.190995451Z" level=debug msg="Calling GET /v1.37/tasks?filters=%7B%22service%22%3A%7B%22v1i2scguhk0co5hosru9siiw1%22%3Atrue%7D%7D"
time="2018-04-19T23:12:37.191219791Z" level=debug msg="error handling rpc" error="rpc error: code = NotFound desc = service v1i2scguhk0co5hosru9siiw1 not found" rpc=/docker.swarmkit.v1.Control/GetService
time="2018-04-19T23:12:37.191536752Z" level=error msg="failed transaction: update task desired state to REMOVE" error="update out of sequence" module=node
time="2018-04-19T23:12:37.192267820Z" level=error msg="Error getting tasks: service v1i2scguhk0co5hosru9siiw1 not found"
time="2018-04-19T23:12:37.192686000Z" level=debug msg="Calling GET /v1.37/tasks"

Answer questions kolyshkin

Got a different failure on s390 (

[2019-11-08T20:17:13.312Z] === Failed [2019-11-08T20:17:13.312Z] === FAIL: s390x.integration.service TestCreateServiceConfigFileMode (8.89s) [2019-11-08T20:17:13.312Z] create_test.go:329: assertion failed: 2 (int) != 1 (int)


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