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There are many tests that create objects (containers, networks, volumes, services) with a name. We should avoid using names (where possible), to prevent tests possibly influencing other tests due to resources not (yet) being cleaned up, or possibly if tests are run in parallel

  • Remove names from tests, and use object ID's (where possible)
  • For those tests that do need a name, make sure that a unique name is used. (For example, use t.Name() to name an object after the name of the test, or use a randomly generated name)

This may be a lot of work to go through all the tests, but perhaps there are contributors that want to work on some of these

If you're interested to work in this, leave a comment below, and mention what tests you'll be working on (so that it doesn't conflict with other people working on the same tests 😅)


Answer questions yogisinha

Hi, I want to contribute to this project. Can somebody please point me in the right direction that which test files should I take ? how do I make sure that somebody else is not working on it.

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