Ask questions[Windows] windowsfilter folder impossible to delete

I've been running TP5 for several months on 3 machines - I noticed the hard drive filling up due to the amount of images laying around. Following some other posts I used docker rm -v $(docker ps -q) and docker rmi $(docker images -q) and similar to clean the disk. But I ended up breaking docker.

When I try to start a container now I only get Win32: Access is denied

{"failed": true, "item": "1", "rc": 1, "stderr": "C:\\Program Files\\Docker\\docker.exe: Error response from daemon: container 5113bc8f16fa56787a4495f56206304fbead47fb227a015970efb345baab3e20 encountered an error during CreateProcess failed in Win32: Access is denied. (0x5) extra info: {\"ApplicationName\":\"\",\"CommandLine\":\"cmd /S /C Domain.exe\",\"WorkingDirectory\":\"C:\\\\bin\",\"Environment\":{\"CONT_IMG_VER\":\"v1.0.0\"},\"EmulateConsole\":false,\"CreateStdInPipe\":true,\"CreateStdOutPipe\":true,\"CreateStdErrPipe\":true,\"ConsoleSize\":[0,0]}.\n", "stdout": "5113bc8f16fa56787a4495f56206304fbead47fb227a015970efb345baab3e20\n", "stdout_lines": ["5113bc8f16fa56787a4495f56206304fbead47fb227a015970efb345baab3e20"]}

I believe this happened because I broke some sym links in the docker store aka C:/programdata/docker/windowsfilter - perhaps these commands accidentally deleted a chunk of files that are still needed thereby screwing everything up.

Thats my theory. But the bug I am reporting is - I can't reset docker. So this happened, I just want to delete everything from docker - everything under C:/programdata/docker and restart the service in a fresh state. But I can't because windowsfilter is a sea of "Access denied" errors.

I've tried taking control of all the files in several ways, using several tools including rimraf and fsutil, powershell, cmd - all of it fails.

Which leaves the only option to "fix" docker to reformat the machine...

So tldr: Users should be able to "uninstall" docker and restore the host to a "clean" state - which is not possible solely because of windowsfilter permissions


Answer questions Mario-Hofstaetter

so there is no other way yet to delete those folders?

 icacls "C:\ProgramData\Docker" /T /C /grant Administrators:F

For anyone google ing and landing here, this enabled me to delete C:\ProgramData\Docker\windowsfilter after moving to D:\ At least on Windows Server 2019 Standard Evaluation Edition, Build 10.0.17763.379 Thanks @rs38


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