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I'm not sure if this belongs here or in vertico / selectrum. Let me know if I should open this elsewhere.

In isearch I use C-w to pull in the word at point into the search term (and ivy similarly has ivy-yank-word). It would be great if consult-isearch and consult-line supported this feature as well. (or if it's already there can you point me at how to enable it).



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To be fair, none of those techniques substitutes for isearch's C-w in full generality. You can press C-w more than once, and you can even move to a different match between C-w's.

For example, if point is right before foo bar, a little later in the buffer there is a foo baz and you want to search for foo baz you can go C-s C-w C-s C-w. If in the same example you want to search for foo bar (i.e, C-s C-w C-w), that you can also do with embark-act: just mark foo bar and then use the C l action.


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