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  • [x] Windows @aeschli
  • [x] macOS @JacksonKearl
  • [x] Linux @lramos15

Complexity: 4

Authors: @roblourens, @rebornix, @jrieken, @misolori

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Install the Github Issue Notebook extension. Run it through its basic functionality. Place special attention to these areas

  • UI
    • We made changes to cell backgrounds, borders and how cell focus/hover indicators render. Please check if it looks reasonable in your theme
  • Dragging and dropping cells
  • Focus state
    • You can use ctrl+down (ctrl+cmd+down on mac) to put focus into the active cell's output, and ctrl+up (ctrl+cmd+up) to get back out
    • You can tab from the editor into the output (after using "Toggle Tab Focus" ctrl+shift+M), and tab back out, and it doesn't break things
      • And it's impossible to get into an inconsistent state where you have the blue focus line on cell A, when the editor in cell B has the cursor
  • Markdown cell
    • You can have image references in markdown cells, using relative or absolute paths
    • Markdown cells stay in edit mode until they are explicitly put back in preview mode (by pressing esc, clicking the check, or executing the cell)
  • Retained notebook editor
    • Moving notebook editor from one editor group to another should not rerender the execution result / output
    • Pined notebook editor should not rerender outputs when switching between different editors
  • Commands
    • You can now Split Notebook Cells and Join with Next/Previous Cell, please test if they work as expected

Answer questions rebornix

Testers FYI: this TPI covers most features/polishes we made to Notebook core, it doesn't cover changes we made to other VS Code components but they are covered in other TPIs:

  • Undo/Redo #98991
  • Language features #98821
  • Notebook renderer #99001

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