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1. Add support to handle Notebook output link clicks in extension code 2. Add support to handle Notebook Markdown cell link clicks in extension code.

  • Currently we (Python Extension) displays custom links in the webviews (our notebook implementation).
    • We do this in the Markdown of a cell
    • We do this in output of a cell.
  • We handle these clicks by monitoring the click event of the document.
  • Any link clicked that has an href starting with vscode is handled by our code in webview and then passed onto the extension.

With the new VS Code notebooks, we'll need to do the same to handle links displayed in the output. I can see two solutions (for outputs):

  • Use our own renderer when rendering HTML & and highjack all clicks to handle our custom links (not preferred, as I'd prefer to use VS Code renderers as much as possible).
  • Add links in HTML using href=javascript:acquireVsCodeAPI().postMessage(....).

However, we won't be able to handle click events in markdown

  • At least not with the above approach
  • Open to alternatives

Had a chat with @rebornix and it was suggested that VSCode could provide a custom API that works in Markdown + Output rendered in WebViews as well as Notebooks


Answer questions rebornix

Moving this to June and we still need to discuss what's the right solution for this problem. Command links work well in VS Code but they are not platform agnostic.


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