Ask questionsSome Unicode characters (emojis) are b/w and others are colored

Testing: #91303 on Ubuntu 19.10 (running in Parallels)

  • open VI in VS Code integrated terminal
  • enter some emojis (e.g. 🥕carot U+1F955, 🍔hamburger U+1F354, 🥎softball: U+1F94E)

Observe: in VS Code carot and hamburger are rendered in b/w whereas the softball is rendered in color.

If I enter the same characters in VI running in the terminal app all three emojis are rendered in color:


(left is VS Code, right is terminal app).


Answer questions Kedstar99

Hello @Tyriar,

Sorry for disturbing, I was just curious about your thoughts about the above observations.

Kind regards, Krish


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