Ask questionsSome Unicode characters (emojis) are b/w and others are colored

Testing: #91303 on Ubuntu 19.10 (running in Parallels)

  • open VI in VS Code integrated terminal
  • enter some emojis (e.g. 🥕carot U+1F955, 🍔hamburger U+1F354, 🥎softball: U+1F94E)

Observe: in VS Code carot and hamburger are rendered in b/w whereas the softball is rendered in color.

If I enter the same characters in VI running in the terminal app all three emojis are rendered in color:


(left is VS Code, right is terminal app).


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I know this probably isn't helpful as you probably have a better/simpler solution. I found this issue seems to occur on several Linux programs by default. I think it's rather an issue on linux's default font handling.

For example, below is an example image from running systemd-analyze security on default konsole, yakuake and terminator.


The problem in this case is that most of the monospace fonts I saw were only supporting up to Unicode 6.

This problem I think also occurs over here in VSCode, except unsupported emojis seem to get displayed as coloured emojis. Hence the mixture of b/w and colored in this case.


In theory this could be solved by switching to noto-color-emoji but unfortunately that seemed to also convert numeral characters into emojis as well.

My actual solution that seems to fix the problem in all of the terminals and vscode was to apply the font config here.


I know this probably isn't the best solution and you probably would like a solution which works within vscode. It does seem to me that there is a lot of complexity involved with this binding and font config though.

In theory, this should be a relatively simple adjustment in the snap versions at least. What do you think about that as maybe a short-term solution to this problem?

EDIT: Here is the above solution being used to show the carrot, hamburger and softball. image


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