Ask questionserror on trying to open terminal

We hav Issue Type: <b>Bug</b>

When trying to open the terminal with Ctrl `, Visual Studio Code shows the error: The terminal process terminated with exit code: 4294967295.

VS Code version: Code 1.38.1 (b37e54c98e1a74ba89e03073e5a3761284e3ffb0, 2019-09-11T13:35:15.005Z) OS version: Windows_NT x64 10.0.18362

<details> <summary>System Info</summary>

Item Value
CPUs Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-5500U CPU @ 2.40GHz (4 x 2400)
GPU Status 2d_canvas: enabled<br>flash_3d: enabled<br>flash_stage3d: enabled<br>flash_stage3d_baseline: enabled<br>gpu_compositing: enabled<br>multiple_raster_threads: enabled_on<br>native_gpu_memory_buffers: disabled_software<br>oop_rasterization: disabled_off<br>protected_video_decode: unavailable_off<br>rasterization: enabled<br>skia_deferred_display_list: disabled_off<br>skia_renderer: disabled_off<br>surface_synchronization: enabled_on<br>video_decode: enabled<br>viz_display_compositor: disabled_off<br>webgl: enabled<br>webgl2: enabled
Load (avg) undefined
Memory (System) 5.92GB (1.99GB free)
Process Argv
Screen Reader no
VM 0%

</details><details><summary>Extensions (33)</summary>

Extension Author (truncated) Version
easy-cpp-projects ACh 1.7.7
code-gnu-global aus 0.2.2
gitkraken-glo axo 1.1.0
vscode-standardjs-snippets cap 0.8.7
vscode-standardjs che 1.2.3
npm-intellisense chr 1.3.0
c-cpp-compile-run dan 0.5.0
vscode-eslint dba 1.9.1
gitlens eam 10.0.1
tslint eg2 1.0.44
prettier-vscode esb 2.3.0
auto-close-tag for 0.5.6
auto-rename-tag for 0.1.0
code-runner for 0.9.14
sublime-babel-vscode jos 0.2.10
chat kar 0.22.1
vscode-github Kni 0.30.2
python ms- 2019.9.34911
remote-wsl ms- 0.39.5
cpptools ms- 0.25.1
vsliveshare ms- 1.0.869
debugger-for-chrome msj 4.12.0
live-server-preview neg 0.1.4
indent-rainbow ode 7.4.0
material-icon-theme PKi 3.9.0
vscode-css-peek pra 3.0.2
LiveServer rit 5.6.1
sass-indented rob 1.5.1
stylelint shi 0.51.0
python tht 0.2.3
vscode-icons vsc 9.4.0
html-css-class-completion Zig 1.19.0
livereload zii 0.2.5

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Answer questions chrmarti


What are your settings for the terminal?



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