Ask questions[Feature] Local Workspace settings

I would like to be able to configure settings that are specific to my user and to a particular workspace. So, 'local' workspace settings?

So there would be three locations for settings (for a single-folder workspace):

  • user settings
  • ${workspaceRoot}/.vscode/settings.json
  • ${workspaceRoot}/.vscode/settings.local.json

This way, I can add .vscode/settings.json to git, and share project settings such as "exclude node_modules" but I can gitignore .vscode/settings.local.json and add things specific to that project that I don't want to share, such as git autofetch.

I originally thought to suggest .vscode/settings.user.json, similar to how VS Pro handles similar configuration, but that might be confusing.


Answer questions alexreg

If you don't mind my asking, what's progress on this been lately? :-)


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