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Would it be possible to add tolerance for trailing commas to the jsonc (JSON With Comments) format? Even as an optional setting that is off by default. While I can understand not adding support to the json (spec-compliant) format, there doesn't seem to be a good reason not to add it (either on automatically or configurable) to jsonc.

In case there's any doubt over what I mean, here's an example.

    "foo": 123,
    "bar": [
        "ghi", // trailing comma: okay!
    ], // trailing comma: okay!

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Ah, I see, thanks for explaining. I think you're right... many "jsonc" parsers accept trailing commas, while many don't. The Python one that I'm using happily does (and indeed I chose it partly for that reason).

Indeed, I was the one (as far as I'm aware) who requested the allowTrailingCommas feature for settings files, and that's great. :-)

No, I don't have a JSON schema. Maybe a setting like allowTrailingCommas could be added to the [json] language section in VS Code settings? Ideally this would be configurable on a per-directory or even per-file basis, but I suppose that comes down to how VS Code workspace settings work in general. Perhaps support for that has recently been added?


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