Ask questions[SSH] Add config option for host and port on which vscode-server is started on the remote

Dear VSCode Remote Extensions team,

first of all let me thank you for the great work you are doing!

The problem

On the remote host I am using for development port forwarding is allowed, however only for specific pairs of host and port. Currently there seems to be no way to tell Remote - SSH extension which address I would like vscode-server to run on.

For example, I can only forward localhost:3000, but is not allowed.

To verify that my understanding is correct I've created simple node http server and then tried making ssh tunnels on allowed host/port and not allowed host/port. I can confirm that this is indeed the issue.

Proposed feature

Allow to specify host and port on which vscode-server will be started on in the extension settings.

// settings.json
  "remote.SSH.remote-address": {
    "host1": "",
    "host2": "localhost:3000"

For future readers

To make it easier for VSCode team to react to this issue I am kindly asking you to avoid writing +1 comments. Please just add your reaction 👍 to the original post. Thank you!


Answer questions gyzerok

Hello @roblourens!

My apologies if pinging you is a very bad idea.

I have created this issue couple of months ago and have been patiently waiting for it to get labeled ever since.

Nothing have happened and I am wondering if it got accidentally missed due to the volumes of new issues coming in.

My subjective feeling is that it should be really easy to fix, so I am kind of having high hopes that I’ll be able to use VSCode over ssh eventually 😅

Thank you for working on remote extensions!


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