Ask questions[eigen3] Build failed due to long path

Host Environment

  • OS: Windows..
  • Compiler: msvc++ 14.2

To Reproduce Steps to reproduce the behavior: .\vcpkg install eigen3:x64-windows

Failure logs -Error: Building package eigen3:x64-windows failed with: BUILD_FAILED

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Answer questions semyalodennis

Hello team,

Thanks for the reply. I found out later that my installing path was too long coz other libraries were failing to install in the same way like eigen 3. When I shortened the path, it installed successfully.

Thank you.

On Sun, Jun 28, 2020, 17:16 NancyLi1013 wrote:

Hi @semyalodennis Thanks for posting this issue. Could you please post the error info? I cannot reproduce this on my machine with Visual Studio 2019.

PS F:\tools\vcpkg> .\vcpkg.exe install eigen3:x64-windows Computing installation plan... The following packages will be built and installed: eigen3[core]:x64-windows Starting package 1/1: eigen3:x64-windows Building package eigen3[core]:x64-windows... -- Downloading -- Extracting source F:/tools/vcpkg/downloads/libeigen-eigen-3.3.7.tar.gz -- Using source at F:/tools/vcpkg/buildtrees/eigen3/src/3.3.7-c7b55a8243 -- Configuring x64-windows -- Building x64-windows-dbg -- Building x64-windows-rel -- Fixing pkgconfig -- Fixing pkgconfig - release -- Checking file: F:/tools/vcpkg/packages/eigen3_x64-windows/lib/pkgconfig/eigen3.pc -- Fixing pkgconfig - debug -- Checking file: F:/tools/vcpkg/packages/eigen3_x64-windows/debug/lib/pkgconfig/eigen3.pc -- Fixing pkgconfig --- finished -- Performing post-build validation -- Performing post-build validation done Building package eigen3[core]:x64-windows... done Installing package eigen3[core]:x64-windows... Installing package eigen3[core]:x64-windows... done Elapsed time for package eigen3:x64-windows: 1.359 min

Total elapsed time: 1.361 min

The package eigen3:x64-windows provides CMake targets:

find_package(Eigen3 CONFIG REQUIRED)
target_link_libraries(main PRIVATE Eigen3::Eigen)

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