Ask questionsRevisit WebAssembly to support TextMate grammars

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We can revisit this once WebAssembly gets traction in the major browsers, but we will still need to consider the browser matrix we support, i.e. if we support IE11 and only Edge will add WebAssembly support, what will the experience be in IE11, etc.

From MDN: Screen Shot 2020-04-10 at 10 13 10 AM

Also from the README:

The Monaco Editor no longer supports IE 11. The last version that was tested on IE 11 is 0.18.1.

IE 11 is no longer supported, and all major browsers support WebAssembly. It seems that now may be the time to revisit using WebAssembly to support TextMate grammars. Are there any other challenges/blockers from giving this a go?


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I just discovered that @NeekSandhu, who created, also created:

Though unsurprisingly, they use onigasm rather than vscode-oniguruma.


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