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Type: LanguageService Describe the bug

  • macOS Mojave 10.14.5
  • VSCODE : 1.35.1
  • TS 3.5.1

To Reproduce

Create a file with the following :

import { Strategy } from "passport-local";

class SSOPlugin implements Plugin {

  constructor() {}

  init() {}

interface Plugin {
  authenticators?: Record<string, any>;

  strategies: { [key: string]: KuzzleStrategy };

interface KuzzleStrategy {
  config: {
    authenticator: string;
    fields: string[];
  methods: {
    afterRegister?: () => any;
    create: () => any;
    delete: () => any;
    exists: () => any;
    getById?: () => any;
    getInfo?: () => any;
    update: () => any;
    validate: () => any;
    verify: () => any;

export = SSOPlugin;

In constructor or any method using this. and auto-completion doesn't give anything.

But if I give the wrong types, the compiler complain (also red line on IDE).

Expected behavior

I should get auto-completion.


Answer questions ScreamZ

Hello all, any news on that? I'm experiencing it using NestJS CustomScalar interface… Get complicated 😅

@RyanCavanaugh @mjbvz Maybe you have some ideas, not exactly the same issue as reported above

export class PasswordScalar implements CustomScalar<string, ObjectId> {
  parseLiteral(ast) {
    // ast is considered "any"

// Those are taken from NestJS, the most advanced typescript framework for nodejs
export interface CustomScalar<T, K> {
    description?: string;
    parseValue: GraphQLScalarValueParser<K>;
    serialize: GraphQLScalarSerializer<T>;
    parseLiteral: GraphQLScalarLiteralParser<K>;

export type GraphQLScalarLiteralParser<TInternal> = (
  valueNode: ValueNode,
  variables: Maybe<{ [key: string]: any }>,
) => Maybe<TInternal>;

For not having ast considered as any, is have to parseLiteral(ast: ValueNode) {


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