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Windows build number: Microsoft Windows [Version 10.0.17134.1069]
PowerToys version: 0.13.0

# Steps to reproduce

• Ensure that FancyZones is already setup on the remote computer (connecting to)
• Initiate a remote connection using Remote Desktop Connection - Native windows application-
• Attempt to move the windows with keyboard shortcuts

# Expected behavior

• FanzyZones should recognize the mstsc

# Actual behavior

Win+Arrow buttons do not move windows to the pre-configured zones

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@PistachoLiberty that scenario is supported and it should work, so let's try to understand why in your case it doesn't work. Your remote machine is running Windows 10, what about your local machine, is it also running Windows 10? If you exit PowerToys on the remote machine, does Windows Snap work on the remote machine?

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