Ask questions"Win+Ctrl+<Number>" is a Windows Shortcut


Windows build number: Microsoft Windows [Version 10.0.18362.295
PowerToys version: 0.11.0
PowerToy module for which you are reporting the bug (if applicable): FancyZones

Steps to reproduce

Press "Win+Ctrl+<Number>" to change active FancyZones layout.

Expected behavior

The active layout rotates through layouts with <Number> zones.

Actual behavior

Windows rotates through open instances of the program in position <Number> on the taskbar.


  • Change the shortcut for switching active layout to something that isn't a built-in Windows shortcut.
  • Allow users to change FancyZones' shortcuts.

Answer questions ivenhov

I have exactly that problem. My Win+Ctrl+[1-9] are already used for switching between virtual desktops. Enabling FancyZones simply takes over the shortcut and I can no longer witch between virtual desktops instead I see FZ profile (something I will personally not use, but other people will for sure). Being able to configure shortcut for switching between layouts in FancyZones would be ideal.

As a side note, hardcoding keyboard shortcuts into app is not ideal as there will always be a conflict. It should be always possible to reconfigure it even if there is no UI for that just yet, i.e. manual edition of yml config file or similar. This is also a note for future myself during development of my applications.

Shortcut collision is the only reason I cannot use FenceZones at the moment. Thanks for the awesome tool anyways. Keep up great work.

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