Ask questionsMatrix: Subtotal property is missing in dev mode from request

When I run my custom visual in development mode, it won't request for subtotal values, however when I package and import it, it will. I'm using 3 fields: customer group name, customer name (belongs to a customer group) and discount. The attached picture shows the request for the discount field, which should have a subtotal value for each customer group name.

package.json json pbiviz.json pbiviz capabilities.json cap1 cap2 request in dev mode request2 request in packaged mode request

At the moment I'm working on a different custom visual using powerbi-visuals-tools@3.1.1 and the issue is the same.

This might be the same issue:

EDIT: Adding the difference of the request. diff2


Answer questions AviSander

hello -the fix should be deployed by the end of this week.


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