Ask questions[ALL] Zelda OoT/Majoras random freezing (+ potential pause menu fb corruption.)

Platform - Windows 10 Version - 1.7.6 Rom - Zelda Ocarina of Time (all versions) CPU - i5-4670k GPU - GTX 980

Having an issue where the background of the pause menu will get all rainbow colored (see example below). The only solution I was able to find was the old PJ64 gameshark code which doesnt work.

That issue I can live with, however i'm mainly looking for information regarding random freezing I get where the rom will freeze, but the audio will still be playing, and the retroarch menu works fine. Save/load state brings me to a white screen with the same audio playing. These freezes can occur anytime between a few minutes of play, up to about an hour of play. The only lead I found to this issue was a year old post on the mupen64plus-libretro github saying that its related to Delay SI, which wasnt/isnt an option on the libretro cores.


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Try 4000 max texture cache size in core options, tell me if that fixed it.


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