Ask questionsImmediate crash on Alpine Linux (raspberry pi 4/aarch64)

Hi there,

I'm the official packager of all libretro cores for Alpine Linux. For those who don't know, it is a linux distribution based on musl rather than glibc targetting simplicity and elegance.

I'm having a crash regarding mupen64plus-libretro-nx built from git. If I try to debug retroarch (built with debugging symbols) I'm pretty hard having a backtrace. The only way I got one was to start retroarch and open the core afterwards (using ulimit -c unlimited).

So that's the only information I could get for now:

#0  0x0000000000000000 in ?? ()
No symbol table info available.
#1  0x0000005559f3a214 in gl_core_destroy_resources (gl=0x7f897e8120) at gfx/drivers/gl_core.c:561
        i = 85
#2  0x0000005559f3c714 in gl_core_init (video=0x7fd27affe8, input=0x555a928510 <rarch_st+122000>, input_data=0x555a928518 <rarch_st+122008>) at gfx/drivers/gl_core.c:1357
        full_x = 1920
        full_y = 1080
        settings = 0x7f93dd51c0
        video_gpu_record = false
        interval = 1
        mode_width = 0
        mode_height = 0
        win_width = 1920
        win_height = 1080
        temp_width = 0
        temp_height = 0
        vendor = 0x0
        renderer = 0x0
        version = 0x0
        error_string = 0x0
        gl = 0x7f897e8120
        ctx_driver = 0x555a8cf9f0 <gfx_ctx_drm>
        hwr = 0x555a92cc50 <rarch_st+140240>
#3  0x0000005559c46a80 in video_driver_init_internal (p_rarch=0x555a90a880 <rarch_st>, settings=0x7f93dd51c0, video_is_threaded=0x7fd27b007b, verbosity_enabled=false)
    at retroarch.c:30344
        video = {path_font = 0x7f93df6c6b "", parent = 0, swap_interval = 1, width = 1920, height = 1080, input_scale = 4, font_size = 32, adaptive_vsync = false, smooth = false, 
          ctx_scaling = false, is_threaded = false, rgb32 = true, fullscreen = true, vsync = true, force_aspect = true, font_enable = true}
        max_dim = 640
        scale = 4
        width = 1920
        height = 1080
        custom_vp = 0x7f93dd51d0
        tmp = 0x555a8ea650 <input_udev>
        dummy_pixels = {0 <repeats 32 times>}
        geom = 0x555a90a890 <rarch_st+16>
        video_driver_pix_fmt = RETRO_PIXEL_FORMAT_XRGB8888
        path_softfilter_plugin = 0x7f93dedc6b ""
#4  0x0000005559c4ceb8 in drivers_init (p_rarch=0x555a90a880 <rarch_st>, settings=0x7f93dd51c0, flags=2047, verbosity_enabled=false) at retroarch.c:33056
        hwr = 0x555a92cc50 <rarch_st+140240>
        menu_st = 0x555a924a70 <rarch_st+106992>
        video_is_threaded = false
        p_disp = 0x555a92cca0 <rarch_st+140320>
        video_font_enable = true
        menu_enable_widgets = true
#5  0x0000005559c53510 in retroarch_main_init (argc=4, argv=0x7fd27b07b8) at retroarch.c:35509
        verbosity_enabled = false
        init_failed = false
        p_rarch = 0x555a90a880 <rarch_st>
        settings = 0x7f93dd51c0
        global = 0x555a90e918 <rarch_st+16536>
        accessibility_enable = false
        accessibility_narrator_speech_speed = 5
#6  0x0000005559c7178c in content_load (info=0x7fd27b0738, p_content=0x555a92aa70 <rarch_st+131568>) at tasks/task_content.c:607
        i = 0
        success = false
        rarch_argc = 0
        rarch_argv = {0x0 <repeats 32 times>}
        argv_copy = {0x0 <repeats 32 times>}
        rarch_argv_ptr = 0x7fd27b07b8
        rarch_argc_ptr = 0x7fd27b0750
        wrap_args = 0x7f95974fc0
#7  0x0000005559c7426c in task_load_content_internal (content_info=0x7fd27b0738, loading_from_menu=true, loading_from_cli=true, loading_from_companion_ui=false)
    at tasks/task_content.c:2068
        content_ctx = {name_ips = 0x0, name_bps = 0x0, name_ups = 0x0, valid_extensions = 0x0, directory_cache = 0x0, directory_system = 0x0, temporary_content = 0x7fd27b0690, 
          subsystem = {data = 0x0, size = 0}, block_extract = false, need_fullpath = false, set_supports_no_game_enable = false, is_ips_pref = false, is_bps_pref = false, 
          is_ups_pref = false, patch_is_blocked = false, bios_is_missing = false, check_firmware_before_loading = false}
        p_content = 0x555a92aa70 <rarch_st+131568>
        ret = false
        error_string = 0x0
        global = 0x555a90e918 <rarch_st+16536>
        sys_info = 0x555a96ea40 <runloop_state+80>
        settings = 0x7f93dd51c0
        check_firmware_before_loading = false
        set_supports_no_game_enable = false
        path_dir_system = 0x7f93e03c6b ""
        path_dir_cache = 0x7f93e04c6b ""
#8  0x0000005559c74548 in task_push_load_content_from_cli (core_path=0x0, fullpath=0x0, content_info=0x7fd27b0738, type=CORE_TYPE_PLAIN, cb=0x0, user_data=0x0)
    at tasks/task_content.c:2162
No locals.
#9  0x0000005559c24be4 in rarch_main (argc=4, argv=0x7fd27b07b8, data=0x0) at retroarch.c:15506
        info = {argv = 0x7fd27b07b8, args = 0x0, environ_get = 0x5559c0225c <frontend_unix_get_env>, argc = 4}
        p_rarch = 0x555a90a880 <rarch_st>
#10 0x0000005559c24c9c in main (argc=4, argv=0x7fd27b07b8) at retroarch.c:15604
No locals.

Please tell me how can I get more information and I can help. RetroArch is at 1.9.2, Linux 5.10.36-0-rpi4 on a Raspberry Pi 4 (8GB RAM) running Aarch64.


Answer questions markand

Okay I've built with both --enable-opengles and --enable-opengles3 and I now get those errors:

[INFO] === Build =======================================
[INFO] Capabilities:  ASIMD
[INFO] Built: May 18 2021
[INFO] Version: 1.9.2
[INFO] =================================================
[INFO] [Input]: Found input driver: "udev".
[INFO] [Core]: Loading dynamic libretro core from: "../mupen64plus-libretro-nx/"
[INFO] [Overrides]: No core-specific overrides found at "/home/markand/.config/retroarch/config/Mupen64Plus-Next/Mupen64Plus-Next.cfg".
[INFO] [Overrides]: No content-dir-specific overrides found at "/home/markand/.config/retroarch/config/Mupen64Plus-Next/n64.cfg".
[INFO] [Overrides]: No game-specific overrides found at "/home/markand/.config/retroarch/config/Mupen64Plus-Next/Mario Kart 64 (Europe) (Rev A).cfg".
[INFO] [Remaps]: Remap directory: "/home/markand/.config/retroarch/config/remaps".
[INFO] [Overrides]: Redirecting save file to "/home/markand/.config/retroarch/saves/Mario Kart 64 (Europe) (Rev A).srm".
[INFO] [Overrides]: Redirecting save state to "/home/markand/.config/retroarch/states/Mario Kart 64 (Europe) (Rev A).state".
[WARN] [Environ]: SYSTEM DIR is empty, assume CONTENT DIR /net/roms/n64/Mario Kart 64 (Europe) (Rev A).n64
[WARN] [Environ]: SYSTEM DIR is empty, assume CONTENT DIR /net/roms/n64/Mario Kart 64 (Europe) (Rev A).n64
[INFO] [CONTENT LOAD]: Loading content file: /net/roms/n64/Mario Kart 64 (Europe) (Rev A).n64.
[INFO] Did not find a valid content patch.
[INFO] [Environ]: SET_HW_RENDER, context type: glcore.
[ERROR] Requesting OpenGL context, but RetroArch is compiled against OpenGLES. Cannot use HW context.
[ERROR] [Environ]: SET_HW_RENDER - Dynamic request HW context failed.
[libretro ERROR] mupen64plus: libretro frontend doesn't have OpenGL support
[ERROR] [CONTENT LOAD]: Failed to load content
[INFO] [Core]: Content ran for a total of: 00 hours, 00 minutes, 00 seconds.
[INFO] [Core]: Unloading core..
[INFO] [PERF]: Performance counters (libretro):
[INFO] [Core]: Unloading core symbols..
[INFO] [Core Options]: Saved core options file to "/home/markand/.config/retroarch/config/Mupen64Plus-Next/Mupen64Plus-Next.opt"
[INFO] [Video]: Does not have enough samples for monitor refresh rate estimation. Requires to run for at least 4096 frames.
David Demelier markand France C and C++23 developer, opensource activist. This account is only used to contribute to other projects. See my homepage for my own as I don't use Git.
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