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Bug Normally you can select text by dragging the cursor over the text and highlighting it. However, in the wunderbar if you try to do this, it acts like you are grabbing the app and the entire app moves across the screen.

To Reproduce Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. Open the app
  2. Enter some text in the wunderbar
  3. Attempt to select it by dragging over the text with the cursor
  4. Watch the entire app window move with your cursor!

Expected behavior The desired text should be able to be selected.

Screenshots May-17-2020 22-45-54

System Configuration

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  • LBRY Daemon version: 0.72.0
  • LBRY App version: 0.45.1
  • LBRY Installation ID: 6FW8Z6nraRjKxu7DxhayqYgMtHgovjAAKswHTSfhQYarw42MM289CWoAUzfc1CLkRi
  • Operating system: Mac OS 19.4.0

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