Ask questionsNew lambci:build-python3.7 image doesn't seem compatible with aws lambda us-west-2


When taking same code zip package created with latest lambci:build-python3.7 image. I am getting below exception inside us-west-2 deployments. This does not happen with us-east-1 deployments.

I believe this may be a bug with us-west-2 execution environment or us-east-1 is on some canary or something. I am raising an AWS ticket for this.

[ERROR] Runtime.ImportModuleError: Unable to import module 'redacted': No module named 'chardet'

Additional Notes

  1. When I downloaded the code zip from the lambda console us-east-1 and us-west-2 i see that there is a significant size difference in the code zips.
us-east-1 size: 9684109 bytes
us-west-2 size: 9333135 bytes
  1. If I take the downloaded west code zip and upload it to east; it will work fine.

  2. If i take the downloaded east code zip and upload it to west; it will also work fine.

  3. If i reupload the west code zip to west; it will resort back to the aformentioned error message.


For now I resorted back to an older copy I had of lambci:build-python3.7 I had pulled from 4 months ago and that is resolving my issue 100%.

I am wondering if this is related to some changes in


Answer questions mhart

@bclodius you've pulled the latest build image? It should have this sha:


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