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We want to copy a TABLE'S TD value in our library via JSFiddle demo. There might be many suspects, but I have tested the same action on our website and in another JS Playground and it works there. I remember that it works well in JSFiddle as well, so it seems that it got broken recently.

@oskarkrawczyk let me know if you need anything to solve this case.

Demo (broken) (website, working) (other sandbox, working)


  1. Use <kbd>CMD/CTRL + C</kbd> shortcut after selecting any cell in the table
  2. Open any console (browser, or beta console) to check if anything's printed

Result Value is not copied. You can try to paste it anywhere (to the table, or the CSS part of the tool).

Additional info

  • copying text between tabs rows well.
  • copying anything in the Result that is not a part of the table works well. It seems that the fact that we are using our own callbacks for copying interferes with newer changes in JSFiddle.

My environment

Browser: Chrome 80 Device: Macbook Air System: macOS Catalina


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Note to self: See if converting an Array-like variable with Array.from(Array-like) will solve the problem.


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