Ask questionsTruly hide the diff interface when not open so that Control-F does not find invisible matches

Often, when searching for strings in the code with the browser's Control-F or equivalent, more matches than those that are actually visible are shown. For example:


This can easily cause confusion, especially when there's lots of code in multiple sections. The culprit is the diff interface:

<div class="dropdownCont hidden" data-popover-ref="draft" data-popover-position="left">


The hidden class makes the content inside appear hidden to the user via

opacity: 0;
transform: translateY(10px);
pointer-events: none;

but text inside an element with opacity: 0 is still Find-able by the browser. At least in Chrome, FF, and Opera, to make text inside an element un-findable, use display: none or visibility: hidden. (There may be other methods too, but opacity: 0 doesn't work.) Can the CSS be tweaked?


Answer questions oskarkrawczyk

Diff interface is no more as Unsaved Draft feature has been completely refactored.


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