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I built this plugin in XCode, but when I open QuickTime, it's not showing up as a camera option. I think it's a problem with the camera access. The errors in (with the prefix QuickTime; nothing shows up for CMIOMS) I'm getting: CMIO_Unit_Convertor_VideoToolboxCompressor.cpp:2367 cmio assert: "!mInitialized" at NotWritable - (err=0) when I open QuickTime --> New Movie Recording CMIOUInputFromProcs::GetPropertyInfo() failed for id when I try to switch the webcam/camera source

I tried adding a "Privacy - Camera Use Description" property to the Info.plist file with the value: "Access camera" and then "CMIOMinimalSample requires access to your device's camera" based on this link but it didn't work.

Is editing Info.plist going to help, and if so, what am I doing wrong? If not, what's a better solution? Is camera access even the problem?


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@SoCohesive I factory reset and it worked. I think it's because I had the remnants of Snap Camera still on my computer and it was blocking this plugin.


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