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The git-flow strategy of hiding our mainline in a develop branch, and having master reflect the most stable release made sense in a pre-Go-modules world. Now that most projects have adopted Go modules, I don't think we need to protect them from accidentally installing the mainline branch. Other benefits may include:

  • git-flow has been confusing for most new contributors, and they may feel unwelcome when we don't merge their PR to master.
  • The inventor of git-flow noted recently that it doesn't fit many modern workflows.
  • The majority of enhancements to enmime now come from wonderful contributors (big thanks to @dcormier and @requaos), instead of me - my changes should flow through the PR process.
  • With git-flow, the project may appear dead if we have not published a stable release in several months.

I propose we switch to the regular GitHub flow that everyone is used to, and update to reflect that.

Let me know if this would break any existing workflows.


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@requaos good because I was planning to implement tonight! :)


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