Ask questionsIncompatibility with bitarray >= 2.0.0

Getting an exception using this library...

  File "/home/adam/v/tf/evenly/ws2/app/", line 25, in get_bloom_filters
    green_bloom = ScalableBloomFilter.fromfile(infile)
  File "/home/adam/v/tf/evenly/ws2/buildout/eggs/pybloom_live-3.0.0-py3.7.egg/pybloom_live/", line 368, in fromfile
    filter.filters.append(BloomFilter.fromfile(f, fl))
  File "/home/adam/v/tf/evenly/ws2/buildout/eggs/pybloom_live-3.0.0-py3.7.egg/pybloom_live/", line 216, in fromfile
    if filter.num_bits != filter.bitarray.length() and \
NotImplementedError: self.length() has been deprecated since 1.5.1, and was removed in 2.0.0.  Use len(self) instead.

I understand that that NotImplementedError comes from bit array, although the trace back doesn't make that super clear - looks like it is from a c file


Answer questions a1exlism

This issue is fixed and padding PR response. You can use this repo here temporarily.


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