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Hi Jeremy,

I wrote a while ago here, in #404 , about porting Docco to ES6. You said "It is what it is, feel free to fork". I stared porting it, but I ended up getting a little carried away. The result is something that is certainly inspired by Docco; however, it's no longer "quick and dirty". I worked on the code a lot, looking for the right balance between quick-and-dirty and over-engineering and over-documenting. I would be honoured in knowing your opinion:


As you can see, there is little/no resemblance with the original source. Some bits are a little more robust, and the whole thing is very documented.

I am not sure what to call it. I feel all the names I think of (Docco Next? Docco Plus?) could potentially offend you!

I was also hoping to have the project linked to your home page once I finally publish it onto GitHub (under a free license, obviously).

Please let me know, and thank you once again for your contributions to free software (coffeescript, backbone, underscore, etc.) and for starting what I call the "Docco movement" :D




Answer questions jashkenas

Looks nice! I hope you had fun working on it.

Feel free to send the PR adding the link to the Docco home page once you get it published up online somewhere. You can call it whatever you like — I promise I won't be offended.


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