Ask questionsSmartThings not Updating Unavailable Devices

When any bulb changes status to unavailable, the plugin keep the bulb ON. It could at least change it to off. If I turn any of these bulbs off, they turn back on.

Every bulb in the following screen shot are unavailable in Smartthings, but still ON in Hoobs and Home app:

Screen Shot 2021-07-08 at 11 49 12


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Thanks… I use it there’s a long time, and this always happened. This is a “never solved” problem. I believe that this plugin is not able to change status without a direct command, and “turn unavailable” looks a “daemon” function. Maybe Smartthings is not giving this information to the plugin. I will take a look at plugin source and WebCore, maybe there’s a different way to detect what Smartthings does.

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