Ask questionsAdd new integration screen partially cut off in landscape on iPhone

Home Assistant release with the issue: 0.98.0b2

UI (States or Lovelace UI?): Lovelace

Browser and Operating System: iOS 13.1b / HA iOS 2.0b62 app

Description of problem: When adding a new integration, the dialog that pops up appears to be left-aligned on my iPhone XS rather than centered like on my iPad.

This means that when holding an iPhone X or newer in landscape, the notch can cover up the first two letters (see attached image below). Quite a few integration names are only 4-5 letters long (LIFX, Wemo, Sonos, Toon, IFTTT, Nest etc) so half their name could be obstructed in landscape.


Users can rotate their device to portrait mode in order to read things, so it's not an urgent issue or anything, more of a visual thing.


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Just noticed "Add support for safe area insets" in Home Assistant Core 0.114.0 release notes, seems like the issue have been addressed 🎉 Thanks!

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