Ask questionsWhat do you think about Conventional Commits?

I have been using Conventional Commits for a while and I'm enjoying it for now. It provides me really good commit history, the only problem I have experience is I sometimes cannot find the best type with scope value.

As far as I can tell, you don't adapt it. Is there a reason for that? or do you plan to adapt anytime soon?


Answer questions holman

Honestly hadn’t heard about it yet!

It looks pretty decent, all in all. I’m not entirely sure about the “lightweight” part of it, although I do appreciate that it models itself off of the suggested Git commit style.

My own opinion is a little bit different:

Basically, I think the relevant aspect is the pull request rather than the commits themselves, although this is slightly less relevant now that rebasing is more of a thing in GitHub the product.

I don’t think I’d use Conventional Commits any time soon, though.


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