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So I just migrated from Spacemacs over to Doom and... I'm really enjoying the experience so far. Everything seems so much more tightly integrated and fluid and stable and fast that I am just enamored so far.

However, I cam across this blurb in the README:

Have you migrated from Spacemacs? Help me flesh out this section by letting me know what kind of hurdles you faced in doing so. You’ll find me on our Discord server.

I didn't know what channel to use in the Discord for this type of feedback so I thought I would make it an issue.

The biggest problem that I'm having right now with the transition from Spacemacs to Doom is adjusting to the key bindings. As most people probably know, the key bindings to Spacemacs are mnemonic - which really helps with the whole "memorizing a billion keybindings" thing.

Now that I'm transitioning, I'm having a difficult time learning the key combinations and not instinctively using the old key combos. I find myself trying SPC p t to bring up treemacs and SPC g s to bring up a Magit status buffer. Oh, and SPC c l to comment out lines - I've been trying to use the comment line keybind (C-x C-;) and keep hitting (C-x C-l) instead lol.

My suggestion is to have migration documentation that helps with learning new keybindings. Perhaps a cheat sheet that details common actions taken and translates them to Doom keybindings? I've also been thinking about writing a private module that just replaces all the Doom keybindings with the ones from Spacemacs. Your thoughts?


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I was looking for an alternative to spacemacs since it has become too slow for my use case. Found doom-emacs yesterday and found this issue listed here.

Today I installed doom-emacs. I can see how it is a lot faster than spacemacs, thank you and keep up the good work @hlissner, your optimisations are phenomenal.

I agree with @howdoicomputer regarding the ease to remember keybindings from spacemacs. One of the features or spacemacs is Mnemonic key bindings, with feels very natural. I've pressed SPC p t for treemacs and SPC p l for layout so many times already for no use.

I've tried out @chenyanming 's spacemacs module setup. It works out of the box for many things. Perhaps we can work in bringing some of it natively to doom?

Another thing I noticed is Spacemacs it has great documentation. They've built a static website from the org-mode file documentation. It's quite nice to have it. Is this something we can do for doom?

Overall what I'd like to say here, is doom-emacs looks very promising and is fast. We could make it a bit more better with mnemonic key bindings and better documentation.

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