Ask questions[HOWTO] Unmap keys with prefix

I just updated to the latest version of doom and some of my key bindings are being shadowed by dooms keybindings. I am wondering how I can unbind these.

In particular, the key bindings "C-c t t" and "C-c t T" in the default +emacs-bindings open the terminal which shadows my binding "C-c t" to do something else. I tried doing

(unmap! "C-c t t" "C-c t T")

but I am getting the error

(error "Key sequence C-c t t starts with non-prefix key C-c t")

How do I do this correctly?


Answer questions haji-ali

Thanks! That definitely takes care of the error. I then tried doing

(map! "C-c t" #'my-foo)

Thinking I can rebind the key sequence, but now I get which-key: There are no keys to show.

I am guessing C-c t was registered as a prefix but I couldn't figure out how to undo this when I looked at the source of +emacs-binding.

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