Ask questionsBug: `--repo` should takes precedence over local folder

Using local chart when a --repo flag is provided doesn't make sense, the assumption in LocateChart function is not correct in this case,

Is it possible to ignore the local folders when --repo is provided?

Output of helm version:

version.BuildInfo{Version:"v3.1.2", GitCommit:"d878d4d45863e42fd5cff6743294a11d28a9abce", GitTreeState:"clean", GoVersion:"go1.13.8"}

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On what grounds are you calling this a bug, @mattfarina? If this was explicitly a design choice made years ago. Looking at the repo, both Helm2 and Helm3 have always behaved this way. Changing it now constitutes a breaking change, since the behavior users have come to expect will change drastically (a completely different chart can be fetched).

If you want to call it a bug, you need to justify why it is a bug, not that it is "better UX". Better UX can be deferred until Helm 4. By my reading, changing this behavior violates the first bullet point on the braking changes list:

And thus I have played my role as the SemVer enforcer for the day.

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