Ask questions"Error: Transport is closing" message when attempting to install

I am trying to install spinnaker from the kubeapps hub using:

helm install stable/spinnaker --name spinnaker -f values.yaml

This gave me no output but i could see the pods being created, and then later:

Error: transport is closing

Using --wait and --timeout didn't help.

Spinnaker seems to have spun up successfully, but since helm didn't finish registering the installation as complete, helm is stuck in "PENDING_INSTALL" state for spinnaker meaning I can't update/upgrade later.

Any ideas what might be happening?


Answer questions alanwds

I'm facing this issue yet. Event on the last version available 2.12.3.

I can see that tiller just crash with a log of errors

[tiller] 2019/01/23 16:25:50 preparing install for my-release
[storage] 2019/01/23 16:25:50 getting release history for "my-release"
[tiller] 2019/01/23 16:25:50 rendering my-release chart using values
panic: should not happen [recovered]
	panic: should not happen

goroutine 29 [running]:
	/go/src/ +0x9a

I'm using at GCP (GKE version: 1.11.5-gke.5)


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