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Since version 0.21 I have been unable to access the WebUI. I know from other forums that other people have the same issue.

Expected behavior

With or without SSL I have always been able to access the WebUI, both locally and remotely, until version 0.21.

Actual behavior

The page returns aConnection Refused error message. I can uninstall the plugin and after a few attempts I can access WebUI, but as soon as I restore an auto-save, no matter which one, the error returns. No solutions on other forums so far.


Answer questions sermayoral

I suppose i will remain in 0.20.3 until the rpios64 is ready. Thanks anyway

The HA OS supports 64 Bit, and afaik you can run Debian 10 on a Pi. Any other OS is likely to fall under the unsupported category....

I strongly need the gpios, and they don't work in debian/hassos 64. I have to wait until raspios64 is ready.


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