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I have set a fixed IP address in Hassio via

  • Supervisor - System - Change IP address. I've set the address I want on the LAN and provided as DNS server.

I want to enable the DHCP server in Adguard Home addonn .

Expected behavior

I expected the DHCP server to start as I do have a static IP set in Hassio.

Actual behavior

DHCP server didn't start. It tells me: In order to use DHCP server a static IP address must be set. We failed to determine if this network interface is configured using static IP address. Please set a static IP address manually.

Steps to reproduce

Set up the static IP on a clean install of Hassio

Proposed changes

Work around can be the USB drive or via SSH - though as my Hassio is really stable and as I'm a noob I prefer not to do to much indepth changes. The setting for a static IP via the webinterface is for me less impacting than the USB or SSH option. Suggested change: let Adguard detect the webpage setting, or let Adguard start the DHCP without it being sure that a static IP has been set.


Answer questions LordNex

Can you still manage it through the web interfaces to set reservations and such? I ended up just using the dhcp add on for HA instead of AdGuard but would prefer to run it all from one container.

On Dec 30, 2020, at 6:00 PM, Guillaume Rischard wrote:

If anyone wants to enable dhcp manually in the meantime:

docker exec -it addon_a0d7b954_adguard /bin/bash vi /data/adguard/AdGuardHome.yaml

scroll down to dhcp, set enabled: to true. Restart the container, wipe hands on trousers.

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