Ask questionsMigration from pihole to adguard stopped HassIO dns resolving


Today I migrated from the working pihole HassIO addon to adguard. DNS lookups work fine in the overall network, however, home assistant (including addons) can't resolve DNS names anymore.

Expected behavior

Home Assistant and addons are able to resolve DNS hostnames.

Actual behavior

Home Assistant and addons are unable to resolve DNS hostnames, returning errors along the lines of try again. Manual calls to dig via the SSH-Addon time out.

Steps to reproduce

Not sure if reproducible or not. Moving back to pihole does not seem to restore DNS resolution.

Proposed changes



Answer questions keneanung

The release notes are not clear enough for me. What does it mean? My DHCP DNS settings point to the Pi and other devices are clearly using adguard for resolving DNS and adguard is correctly relaying unblocked hostnames to the router, which in turn correctly relay them to my ISPs DNS.

It's only HassIO and the addons that have issues. And those should go through adguard as well, so I'm not sure if I'm missing that step and if so, how I'd set that external static DNS server.

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