Ask questionsservice disappears after agent restart

consul version for both Client and Server

Client: Version: 'v0.8.5' Server: Version: 'v0.8.5'

Operating system and Environment details

CentOS Linux release 7.3.1611 (Core)

Description of the Issue (and unexpected/desired result)

After server or client restart services disappear and the following error messages are seen in logs

2017/08/01 11:59:46 [ERR] consul: RPC failed to server IP_ADDRESS:8300: rpc error: rpc error: ACL not found 2017/08/01 11:59:46 [ERR] agent: failed to sync changes: rpc error: rpc error: ACL not found

Reproduction steps

  1. Register A Service - with or without health check
  2. Expire/remove the token which used for service registration
  3. Restart consul node which the service has been registered to
  4. Service disappeared
  5. The above error message appears in the log

Workaround (?)

if token manually changed to a valid token in consul-data/services/service_definition_file then service appears with no error - are services binded to tokens ?


Answer questions ars05

I was wondering if there is an update on this issue, we are on Consul 1.6.2 now and we still see the same behaviour. thanks

Arash Sami ars05 London Senior Site Reliability Engineer currently working on Service Discovery and Secret/Certificate Management in Financial Services
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