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Good Morning,

I hope you are all doing well in these exceptional times. I've just tried to use the wow-addon-updater to update my addons from curseforge but it is failing as above.

I have tried 'pipenv update' which I believe updated some bits but it still fails.

Any chance you can take a look please when you have time.

Thanks very much addon-updater.log


Answer questions icyblade

A dirty workaround is to fill the challenge in browser first, and apply the cookie in browser to the code.

Basically we need to do:

    'User-Agent': 'blahblah',  # UserAgent from browser request
    'Cookie': 'blahblah',  # Cookie from browser request
Curse.session.get(self.url, headers=HEADERS)

Every time we access the site protected by cloudflare. This workaround works for me and I'm able to update the addon for now.


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