Ask questionsBigQuery: Create new Table using schema from json file

I have an App Engine Standard Maven project, where a procedure need to create a Table on BigQuery.


I'm using the sample code provided here

TableId tableId = TableId.of(datasetId, "my_table_id");
// Table field definition
Field stringField = Field.of("StringField", LegacySQLTypeName.STRING);
// Table schema definition
Schema schema = Schema.of(stringField);
// Create a table
StandardTableDefinition tableDefinition = StandardTableDefinition.of(schema);
Table createdTable = bigquery.create(TableInfo.of(tableId, tableDefinition));

The difference with my need, compared to this example, is that I have a json file which contains the schema. Here is an example:

		"mode": "REQUIRED",
		"name": "identifier",
		"type": "STRING"
		"mode": "REQUIRED",
		"name": "code",
		"type": "STRING"
		"mode": "REQUIRED",
		"name": "description",
		"type": "STRING"

I'm unable to find an existing method which load the table schema from a json file, instead of creating it manually from Schema/FieldList/Field classes. Something like

Schema schema = Schema.parseJson(jsonSchema);

Is there way to load the json file or do I need to build a custom parser?

While I'm waiting for a reply, I wrote a custom deserializer based on Gson library. It is working, but if there is an already built-in method, I'll be more than happy to use it

public static void main(String[] args) {
    // TODO Load schema from file
    String jsonSchema = "[{\"mode\":\"REQUIRED\",\"name\":\"identifier\",\"type\":\"STRING\"},{\"mode\":\"REQUIRED\",\"name\":\"code\",\"type\":\"STRING\"},{\"mode\":\"REQUIRED\",\"name\":\"description\",\"type\":\"STRING\"}]";

    // Json schema uses "fields"
    // uses "subFields"
    // FIXME Unable to use @SerializedName policy
    jsonSchema = jsonSchema.replace("\"fields\"", "\"subFields\"");

    // Deserialize schema with custom Gson
    Field[] fields = getGson().fromJson(jsonSchema, Field[].class);
    Schema schema = Schema.of(fields);


public static Gson getGson() {
    JsonDeserializer<LegacySQLTypeName> typeDeserializer = (jsonElement, type, deserializationContext) -> {
        return LegacySQLTypeName.valueOf(jsonElement.getAsString());

    JsonDeserializer<FieldList> subFieldsDeserializer = (jsonElement, type, deserializationContext) -> {
        Field[] fields = deserializationContext.deserialize(jsonElement.getAsJsonArray(), Field[].class);
        return FieldList.of(fields);

    return new GsonBuilder()
        .registerTypeAdapter(LegacySQLTypeName.class, typeDeserializer)
        .registerTypeAdapter(FieldList.class, subFieldsDeserializer)

Answer questions marengaz

here's a scala implementation using the bq dto object (so it works with nested fields too). im sure you can adapt it to something similar in java:

json -> schema

import{TableFieldSchema, TableSchema}

object BqJsonToBqSchema {
  private val parser = new JacksonFactory()

  private def dtoTableSchemaToBqSchema(dtoSchema: TableSchema): Schema = {
    val fromPbMethod =
        .find(method => method.getName == "fromPb")

    fromPbMethod.invoke(null, dtoSchema).asInstanceOf[Schema]

  def convert(jsonSchemaString: String): Schema = {
    val fieldsListDto =
        .parseArray(classOf[java.util.ArrayList[TableFieldSchema]], classOf[TableFieldSchema])

    val schemaDto =  new TableSchema()


schema -> json

import{Schema => BqSchema}
import{TableSchema => BqTableSchema}

object BqSchemaToBqJson {

  private def bqSchemaToJsonString(schema: BqSchema): String = {
    val toPbMethod =
        .find(method => method.getName == "toPb")
    val tableSchema = toPbMethod.invoke(schema).asInstanceOf[BqTableSchema]

    val objMapper = new ObjectMapper()

  def convert(bqSchema: BqSchema): String = {


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