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Feature Description

Follow up from #667

Currently, the calendar implementation is based on Gutenberg's (WP default) calendar component. This, however, could be replaced with a custom implementation for the following advantages:

  • Replacing using moment library to significantly reduce the build size.
  • Custom design more fitting with the editor generally
  • Using the Apache License as elsewhere in code.

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Acceptance Criteria

  1. A "basic" react date picker is chosen and implemented
  2. The date picker should be style-able
  3. Consider the licensing when choosing the date picker

Styling to be done in #1391 based on this design

A follow up ticket will be created for advanced date picker functionality / design

A custom calendar solution is implemented providing the advantages listed above

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Answer questions pbakaus

My point was that replacing the current picker is urgent (P0), customizing the styles is not (P2 or so), which is why I requested the split. Of course, if it is a matter of minutes, makes sense to do it in one PR.


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