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Feature Description

As an editor I want to be able to paste a file which will also upload it to the media library.

Feature Brief

Note: This is a followup to #231

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Acceptance Criteria

  1. This should behave like drag and drop from local filesystem or other browser window to Workspace:
  2. After pasting, the media shows up instantly in the panel. (DONE)
  3. Behind the scenes, the editor will try to upload the image and if that fails, we will show an error message. (DONE)
  4. Pasting instantiates a new element with the media asset on the current page.
  5. The position of the element is not dependent on anything, the Workspace is considered a single drop zone for this action, and we will automatically put the element in a sensible, visible position as topmost layer.
  6. After pasting preview of the file is available
  7. Once the file is uploaded switch from a preview to the fully qualified URL
  8. GIFS should be able to be pasted (currently uploaded as png when pasted) See comments in #677

Alpha / Current state:

  1. After pasting, the file name is pasted as a textbox onto the page but I also see the file showing up in the library panel

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This seems like a weirdly big issue, I think a bunch of these things are done? @jauyong and @spacedmonkey can you please close and file more specific follow ups for the outstanding work?


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