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As an editor I want to be able to add page attachments

A user can add a Page Attachment for linked content, which would accept a link. A CTA that would be displayed to the user in the attachment region of the page (bottom 20% of the page).

If configured, the page would have a Page Attachment region (bottom 20% of the page) there the user can tap to load the linked UI. When the user taps to load the Page Attachment for linked content, the link opens in a new page.

If Page Attachment is enabled, a link cannot be positioned in the lower 20% area. If there are existing links when the page attachment is activated, the author receives a warning confirmation that links in the bottom will be discarded when proceeding.

Acceptance Criteria

  1. A user is able to add page attachments to a page by adding a page attachment link
  2. Page attachment content can be revealed by users through a "swipe up" gesture, or a tap on the call to action element.
  3. A UI prompt to open the attachment will automatically be added at the bottom of every page that configured an attachment.
  4. Tapping on the page attachment or swiping up opens the linked to page.

Design Brief

Dev Notes See #253


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Note that this is now in the critical path for launch, so I elevated it. This is due to the deprecation of 1-tap links.


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