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As an editor I want to be able to add CTA links to a page

Feature Brief - Product spec: Links

Acceptance Criteria

  1. The Stories Format supports 2 types of CTA: 1-tap (Annotated) and 2-tap (Bottom Of The Page) links
  2. You can only have one special element on the top grid layer. This means you: Can only have a 1-Tap CTA OR a page attachment but not both on a page Can have 2-Tap links with either a 1-Tap link OR a page attachment on the same page Can have as many 2-Tap links on the page as you want
  3. 1-click links, we only allow one CTA layer per page, but that layer can contain multiple 1-click links
  4. 2-Tap First tap opens a tooltip to expose a link out icon which when tap on takes you to the desired location.
  5. 1-tap You can think of 1-Tap CTA as a grouping of links that must reside in a container on the bottom 20% of the page.

See the Design for more details

Task list:

  • [x] Initial link implementation with 2-tap only
  • [x] Fetch page description and image (requires server-side code) + loading state indicators
  • [x] Ability to change the description and image
  • [x] Visual guide for 2-tap / 1-tap + automatic conversion
  • [x] URL Validation
  • [x] Navigation & system layer safe zone
  • [x] Instruction modal
  • [ ] Keyboard shortcuts
  • [ ] Interaction with drop targets
  • [ ] Inline text links

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Closing this for now, due to de-prioritization of 1-tap links.


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