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Blocked by #1247

As an author I want my progress auto saved so I don't lose my work.

Feature Brief - Epic: Document Workflow

Note: Save is in #521 and this ticket is for adding Auto-Save

Acceptance Criteria

  1. Saving & updating works similar to regular posts in WordPress, with some special casing (see below)
  2. If a story is unpublished, auto-save on 60 seconds interval (non configurable)
  3. If a story is unpublished, save by triggering the Save button
  4. If a story is published, auto-save on a given time interval, but not the story directly -- auto-save the "auto-save" version of the story as a backup.
  5. If a story is published, Save by triggering the Update button
  6. After the author navigates away(e.g. refresh) from the page without saving, a notification is shown.

Note: Save/update does not save the undo/redo stack. Undo/redo is tied to the current client state.


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@o-fernandez it'd be great if you could take this on and make sure the product definition/needs for both 1.0 and beyond is clear. You might use my prev spec on the topic as foundation. Does that work for you?


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