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Feature Description

Stories, per default, need to appear on the homepage when published. Since custom post types don't do this by default, we need to be creative here. I propose the following:

  1. Ship with a Gutenberg block so one can easily create a homepage post with a story embed (it would be a manual process though). We plan on doing this anyway.
  2. Offer an option to auto-post a new standard feed post with an embedded story as part of the story publish flow. We'll make that the default option in the editor (but make it configurable).

Our exec leadership has marked this as launch blocker for the beta, so this is a drop-everything-and-make-it-happen kind of thing after alpha.

I nominate either @spacedmonkey or @swissspidy to work on this and make it happen.

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Answer questions pbakaus

I think this should be an opt in feature. Displaying stories on the home page / archive pages may have unknown side effects and may break sites. Other CPT do not do this and forcing stories may upset some users.

A custom block and a widget to embed stories is a good way to get stories out their corner...

Yep, we will most likely make it an explicit user choice (the creation of a new post with story embedded).


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