Ask review: What does Schism do?

Can someone add a lay-person explanation to the first paragraph to lighten the conceptual blow of the description? The reader needs to know what Schism does. The "self-hosting compiler from a subset of R6RS Scheme to WebAssembly" is a wide conceptual gap and is opaque. What does "self-hosting compiler" mean? What is R6RS? (I know, but most readers won't). WebAssembly is still a very new tech. It may help to explain Schism and WASM in terms of "software", "server", "browser", and "deployment". I will update this recommendation if I have any new intuitions.


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Thanks for the suggestion. It looks like parts of the README are a little stale, since it was written at the very beginning of the project.

What about something like this?

Schism is an experimental compiler from Scheme to WebAssembly. It enables developers to run programs written in Scheme in the browser or server environments such as NodeJS. The compiler supports a subset of the R6RS version Scheme, and is self-hosting, meaning Schism is implemented in Schism itself.


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