Ask questionsFrequent pop-up on save: "Getting code actions: Go, Go, ..."

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If you encounter this issue, please try the following steps to troubleshoot:

  1. Check your other installed extensions and see if disabling them but the Go extension helps. Go Group Imports, Spell Right, and Go Test Explorer have both been identified as causing slow saves.
  2. Your workspace may have errors which are causing gopls to be slow. Capture your gopls logs (instructions) and post them in a new issue (if you're able to share them). Detailed gopls logs are best, so please add -rpc.trace to go.languageServerFlags.

For reference, this bug is referring to an error that appears like this:


This issue consolidates,,,,, etc.


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@nadgowdas: Please see the instructions in the first comment of the issue. If that doesn't resolve the problem, please open a new issue.

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