Ask questionsx/image/tiff: Missing raw stream read/write

If I understand well the TIFF library only offers encode/decode but not raw read/write methods.

As TIFF is an image container that can support multiple encodings, IMO, it could be very useful to have direct read/write access to the encoded data stream. In this way for example a jpeg encoded image can be encapsulated in a TIFF container without decoding/encoding. The same is valid for CCITT or JBIG2 encodings.

This can also be very useful to extract images from PDF file and save them to TIFF without encoding/decoding. Or to make the inverse : import TIFF images to PDF files.


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/cc @nigeltao

A priori, I am open to such a thing. It might be a useful addition. What should the API look like? Similar to archive/tar maybe?


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